Fractional cardio: which exercises?

Fractional training, also called High Intensity Intermittent Training or HIIT is one of the most popular cardio training programs in the world of thinness . Knowing that it burns 3 times more calories in half the time than conventional training, the trend can quickly be understood.

The split is to do an endurance sport by alternating intense acceleration sequences with short breaks and active recovery phases. Find here the exercises that you can practice in split.

Cardio activities to be done in divided
The most interesting thing about Interval Training, which is not a sport in itself, but an effective training slimquick keto method to lose weight , is its practical side. Everyone can do it with his favorite exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system and lose weight faster.

If interval running is the most common, whether it is in the open or on the treadmill , it is quite possible to apply the method on a weight training exercise like boxing. Moreover, the bike is excellent in HIIT. Basically, it is already a complete sport, but in split, its benefits for the heart and for the silhouette are multiplied.

It is also possible to split at home with a skipping rope, for example. If you subscribe to a gym, the choice is vast. All cardio exercises can be performed in divided. In addition, swimming is a good choice . And you may not know it, but Zumba is a fitness method that looks a lot like split with its intense rhythm phases followed by more flexible phases and then a short break between songs.

How to do split cardio?
Whether indoor, outdoor or at home, the rules of HIIT remain the same . The duration of each sequence depends on the rhythm of each. A beginner can do 8 seconds of sprint, 8 seconds of pause and 12 seconds of active recovery.

People who are used to regular sports activities can do 30/30/30 (30 seconds for each phase). As for the inveterate sportsmen, they can even make 10 minutes of intense effort, 5 minutes of pause and 10 minutes of effort.

Lose weight with split cardio
To optimize weight loss, do not overlook any of the 3 sequences . By alternating rhythms, the body produces more catecholamines, the substances responsible for the breakdown of fats. It’s important to define how long your split workout lasts, knowing that the body starts burning off a maximum of calories after 30 minutes of effort.

Always start each session with a 5 to 10 minute warm-up and finish with a few minutes of calm. Do not forget your watch to calculate the duration of each phase, as well as your water bottle to avoid dehydration.

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