How to lose 18 pounds after pregnancy?

The logical consequence of a pregnancy is naturally childbirth. The fact is that being pregnant triggers an important fat storage to prepare the arrival of the baby . Hence the nutrix slim keto significant weight gain during pregnancy.

It is therefore important to prepare a program so that you can find the silhouette you had before . Here are the tips for losing your 18 kilos after baby easily.

A good diet
There is no question here of making a super strict diet. You have needs and your child also especially if you are breastfeeding. You need a good, complete and balanced diet . The basis is to eat everything, but in moderate amounts.

Avoid too much sugar, too much frying or too much salt. Drink plenty of water to avoid water retention, which grows a lot. Promote natural products that you will cook in your own way paying attention to calories.

Industrial products can be very caloric without providing essential elements to the body. By having a balanced diet, your weight loss will be done alone and very quickly.

Warning ! you can not resume your sports activities two days after giving birth. You have to go little by little. Start with walks with your child every day. Then consult your doctor to find out if you can resume the sport as before.

At this point, focus on endurance disciplines such as running or swimming, which helps to lose weight while helping to sculpt the body. It should be remembered that it is in duration that physical exercise helps with weight loss. This will also help your body to evacuate cellulite .

Tips and more
Losing 18 kilos is an important challenge. Do not forget that you now have a child who needs her mother to feed herself. So you need to spare yourself and avoid stress . Also remember that this weight loss will be long term. Your body naturally eliminates up to 10 pounds after pregnancy and breastfeeding helps burn calories.

Your body will naturally help you to reach your goal , you just have to find a little motivation to find the same way of life as before being pregnant.

After giving birth to a baby, you feel like you are in heaven and then there is a return to reality where you can no longer recognize your body. This can be very painful, but also very complicated to live. Know that these extra pounds are easy to eliminate and that your body is on your side.

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