How to lose 6 kg in 5 days?

It may happen, for one reason or another, that one is forced to slim down very quickly . Breaking a myth: losing 6 kg in 5 days, all without depriving oneself would be a miracle , unless you are a beginner and someone particularly sedentary!

It is possible to lose as much weight quickly , but you have to be aware that this drastic loss on such a short time is not the ideal solution if you want to stabilize this new silhouette durably .

Let’s highlight some tips for achieving this goal.

The sports to lose weight quickly
It can not be said enough, regular physical activity is the best way to lose pounds in record time . If you are natura farms keto new to the field of sports, such a weight loss is easily conceivable. Indeed, when the body starts moving for the first time in a long time, it will tend to burn more calories.

For people who are already active, it may be worthwhile to intensify your sessions by asking how long your sessions are and how you can extend them.

Why not add cardio to your bodybuilding sessions?

A radical technique: the ketogenic diet to lose weight easily
The ketogenic diet is decried, it is a diet that limits carbohydrate portions to less than 30 grams per day , or barely a piece of bread. Lipids are also reduced.

The rest of the calories come mainly from vegetable or animal proteins. In other words, it is a low carb diet pushed to excess. The goal is to bring the body into a state of “ketosis” that is to say that the body is forced to tap into its fat reserves to continue operating.

The privation is real and the deficiencies engendered are proved if the diet persists in the time. Strictly limiting this diet to 5 days seems however to be an effective solution to lose weight very easily.

A balanced diet to lose weight permanently
These drastic methods are for people wanting to lose weight quickly, but the most effective and safest solution is to rebalance food by reducing calories gradually.

Protein diets allowing higher amounts of carbohydrates are preferred, you can then reduce the amount of starchy as you go. For example, on the first day, consume 75 grams of do not buy natura farms keto carbohydrates (to be adjusted according to weight and sex), then the next day, go to 65 grams and reduce gradually until you reach the threshold of 30 grams around the training.

The amount of carbohydrates ingested and intensified sports activity

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