Is red vine effective against water retention?

Water retention is a real handicap for people who suffer from it every day . This accumulation of water has effects on the body, with different symptoms: weight gain, heavy legs, cellulite …

Concretely, it is a swelling of the tissues that can reach the face, the belly, the arms, the knees, the thighs, the ankles, and even the feet. Real daily inconveniences , which can lead to health problems.

To fight against this disease, it is essential to ensure your diet by limiting the salts , with medical advice . But there are also natural treatments to feel good in your body again.

The red vine to fight against the retention of water
How to use this plant? You can consume it as part of a cure, prevention or support. You will find this plant natura farms keto in pharmacy in the form of ampoule or capsules, as a food supplement. The daily dose is approximately 3 to 4 capsules, ie 1400 mg.

You can also drink herbal tea , hot or cold. Prepare an infusion by mixing a tablespoon of red vine powder in one liter of water , let it cool and drink all day.

Can I eat red vine during pregnancy and breastfeeding ?
The use of this treatment is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding : the contraindication comes from the European Medicines Agency which has listed this plant as potentially dangerous for pregnant women or giving breast. So what to do? Watch your diet without removing salt, limit the consumption of diuretic fluids such as tea, and consume fruits and vegetables without excess.

To relieve heavy legs, also think of the sport : walking, swimming, cycling, gym … There are many activities that can be done during pregnancy .

The benefits of plants
I want a natural medicine against water retention , you say. But what to do ? It should be known that since antiquity, plants are used to treat diseases or relieve pain. Some help drain water from the body, such as witch hazel, lemon as an essential oil, or dandelion.

Red vines, in particular, affect traffic. Its active compounds help to assimilate vitamin C and, in this way, better evacuate water from the body.

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