Is red vine effective against water retention?

Water retention is a real handicap for people who suffer from it every day . This accumulation of water has effects on the body, with different symptoms: weight gain, heavy legs, cellulite …

Concretely, it is a swelling of the tissues that can reach the face, the belly, the arms, the knees, the thighs, the ankles, and even the feet. Real daily inconveniences , which can lead to health problems.

To fight against this disease, it is essential to ensure your diet by limiting the salts , with medical advice . But there are also natural treatments to feel good in your body again.

The red vine to fight against the retention of water
How to use this plant? You can consume it as part of a cure, prevention or support. You will find this plant natura farms keto in pharmacy in the form of ampoule or capsules, as a food supplement. The daily dose is approximately 3 to 4 capsules, ie 1400 mg.

You can also drink herbal tea , hot or cold. Prepare an infusion by mixing a tablespoon of red vine powder in one liter of water , let it cool and drink all day.

Can I eat red vine during pregnancy and breastfeeding ?
The use of this treatment is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding : the contraindication comes from the European Medicines Agency which has listed this plant as potentially dangerous for pregnant women or giving breast. So what to do? Watch your diet without removing salt, limit the consumption of diuretic fluids such as tea, and consume fruits and vegetables without excess.

To relieve heavy legs, also think of the sport : walking, swimming, cycling, gym … There are many activities that can be done during pregnancy .

The benefits of plants
I want a natural medicine against water retention , you say. But what to do ? It should be known that since antiquity, plants are used to treat diseases or relieve pain. Some help drain water from the body, such as witch hazel, lemon as an essential oil, or dandelion.

Red vines, in particular, affect traffic. Its active compounds help to assimilate vitamin C and, in this way, better evacuate water from the body.

Special sports program burns fat

The slimming specialists are unanimous on a fact, the sport associated with the diet is an effective way to lose weight in a sustainable way. So if you want to eliminate your extra pounds and get a normal figure, regular exercise should be part of your daily routine to reach your fitness goal.

We offer a two-week training program to quickly lose fat.

Benefits of this sports program burns fat
This series of physical activities over 14 days will allow you to enjoy the many benefits and benefits of physical preparation. Repeating these fitness , cardio and strength exercises will help you both tone your muscles, burn calories and lose weight. You may have never participated in this type of training, and you wonder how? Do not worry, every physical activity offered is suitable for both men and women, even beginners .

In addition, these exercises can be practiced at home or in the gym with a coach. At the end of these two weeks of activities, your body will appear more refined, your muscles of bio x keto the lower body (thighs, glutes, legs, calves) and upper body (chest, abdominal, large dorsal, shoulders, arms …) will be strengthened and you will gain in endurance.

Physical activities burns fat over 14 days
By observing day after day this circuit of calorie-burning physical activities, you will find visible and interesting results. This formatting must be repeated over two weeks .

Day 1
– 10 minutes of running – 2 sets of 10 squats – 2 sets of 10 abs – 15 minutes of stretching

Day 2
– 2 sets of 10 pumps – 2 sets of 10 repetitions of frontal dumbbells of 2kg – 2 sets of 15 slots before – 20 minutes of free swimming – 10 minutes of stretching

Day 3
– 2 sets of 10 jumping jacks – 2 sets of 15 abs – 2 sets of curls – 5 minutes of stretching

Day 4
– 20 minutes of running – 1 session of 30 minutes of Yoga

Day 5
– Rest

Day 6
– 10 minutes of elliptical bike – 2 sets of 10 pumps – 1 minute of board – 2 sets of 10 dips – 10 minutes of stretching

Day 7
– 10 minutes of skipping rope – 2 sets of 15 front slots – 3 sets of 20 squats – 10 minutes of stretching

Regular physical activity is needed to burn fat , but a healthy and balanced diet will help you reach your weight goal quickly and stay healthy. You will also need in the beginnings of motivation in order to lose the unwanted pounds and get the physique of your dreams.

Special men’s summer diet: for a dream body

As summer approaches, it’s not just women who want to feel beautiful. Indeed, more and more men want to have a body of dream characterized by a slender build and pretty abdominals . The trick to get there quickly and healthily is to find the perfect balance between diet and sport. You are told how to do this article.

The basics of a special summer man’s diet
Having a dream body necessarily goes through some good habits. This begins with the fact that vegetables , hot drinks and fruit are favored over fats, sugar and sauces.

These foods are distributed in a balanced manner and in controlled proportions in the three daily super s keto meals. By respecting these standards you will be able to say goodbye to the handles of love and the small belly.

A light breakfast to start the day
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day . Ideally, it must consist of a cereal product, a dairy product, a portion of fruit in compote, juice or chewable and a drink.

Oleaginous fruits rich in vitamin E can be added , as well as foods rich in protein. On this basis, the menu of a special man effective diet can consist of 4 rusks, a cup of black coffee, a compote, a soya drink and a pressed orange.

Lunch and dinner
Lunch should provide the body with the nutrients it needs to hold the rest of the day . Here, you can opt for lamb’s lettuce, leg of lamb fattened lamb, zucchini and a cooked pear. If you are rather trendy pasta, accompany your spaghetti with a veal escalope with mushrooms and a compote.

As for the evening menu, he must, even more particularly, remain light. This is the best way to put the body at rest and prevent it from storing fat . As an idea of ​​recipe, you can prepare a salad of arugula, a skewer of beef paprika, yogurt, a slice of bread, and accompany it all with a herbal tea.

Between lunch and dinner, a small snack can be taken . While avoiding snacking, it can not eat much in the evening. This snack can consist of 4 small shortbreads with linseed and poppy seeds, with a semi-skimmed yoghurt.

Following a special summer diet to have a dream body requires a certain rigor and can be somewhat stressful, especially if you have a hard time depriving yourself. In this food program that we recommend to follow throughout the year, it is also imperative to add sessions of pumps and abs to tone the muscles.

So, when the time comes to drop the t-shirt at the beach or pool, you will not be disappointed with the result.

List of foods that promote sleep

When they are present in a good quantity in your diet, some nutrients promote your sleep . So, the contents of your plate can be an excellent ally for you to fall asleep and make you have a night without waking up. Discover the list of foods that promote a restful sleep.

1. Oats
Although this cereal is often recommended for breakfast , you can also eat it at other times, especially in the evening. It is a healthy food for your cardiovascular system. For people who have diabetes , oats can be a big help.

2. Hot milk
Like all milk products, milk has calcium and this mineral salt helps to “wake up” your brain so that it uses properly tryptophan (an amino acid contributing to the manufacture pure bhb keto of melatonin , a hormone of falling asleep ). The heat also has an effective soothing effect.

3. The almond
Some almonds can help you sleep without interruption . This is due to their content of magnesium and tryptophan, two substances that can make you sleep.

4. Pasta
Carbohydrates should be favored in the evening because sugar causes a chain reaction that facilitates falling asleep (secretion of insulin, then serotonin and melatonin). The ideal is to opt for low glycemic index carbohydrates . You can opt for a pasta dish with whole wheat.

But beware, do not be too greedy in sauce and quantity because an evening meal too rich in fat and too rich is heavy to digest . This would have the opposite effect and make your falling asleep difficult.

5. Honey
Putting honey in your tea or milk can be helpful in getting you to sleep . The glucose contained in honey contains is a substance that tells your brain that it should reduce the function of orexin (a substance directly related to your state of alertness).

6. The chicken
This white meat also contains tryptophan. In order to multiply the effects of the chicken , it is recommended to eat it with whole grain bread in the evening.

7. The potatoes
Like other starchy foods, potatoes are high in starch. Potatoes help you fall asleep . But to keep a low glycemic index, which holds you well during the night and prevents you from being awakened by hunger, you must not consume mashed.

8. Dark chocolate
It can be consumed during the day, but also in the evening. This delicious chocolate you love so much can help you improve your habits . It stimulates the production of a hormone that relaxes your body and mind (serotonin).

8. Cherries
Natural sources of melatonin , cherries are small but effective. You can eat them as a snack in the evening to put the hormones that sleep on your side and make you sleep easier.

10. The lenses
Legumes that are not metabolized quickly have a sedative effect . These plants have a substantial protein intake. You need to combine cereals and vegetables (eg rice + lentils) on your plate for a balanced vegetarian evening meal.

10 super foods for the pregnant woman

Because during pregnancy, your body needs twice as much nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, so it’s essential to have good food hygiene, which will allow you to adequately cover your nutritional needs . you are sure to put the odds on your side to live a beautiful pregnancy and offer good growth to your fetus!

The top 10 super foods recommended for the pregnant woman!
N ° 1 The date
Rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, the date is recommended before and after pregnancy because it is a source of iron. In addition, it is known that regular consumption of dates during the last months of pregnancy, promotes cervical dilatation and facilitates childbirth.

N ° 2 Whole grains
Source of fiber , vitamin, protein and magnesium, whole grains will be preferred in your diet. They have the advantage of having a low glycemic index , which reduces the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and limit weight gain. In addition, they will be effective to fight against the energy drop!

N ° 3 Red fruits
Low in calories and high in fiber, the red fruits will be your slimming allies during your pregnancy . Do not hesitate to eat in case of hunger mid-morning or afternoon.

No. 4 Green vegetables
Eating green vegetables once a day, contributes to the proper development of the baby’s nervous system , thanks to the folic acid they contain . In addition, by bodyfit keto eating green vegetables you promote the stimulation of intestinal transit and reduce the risk of muscle cramps.

No. 5 Pulses
Excellent source of calcium and protein, legumes will help grow your child’s bones .

No. 6 The orange
Rich in vitamin C and diuretic, the orange will moisturize your body , while increasing the urinary secretion. Thus, you reduce the risk of water retention and urinary tract infection.

N ° 7 The lawyer
A source of monounsaturated fatty acids, folic acid and fiber, the avocado will participate in the proper development of the brain , skin and tissues.

N ° 8 The egg
The egg contains choline, which will enhance the development of the immune system and brain function. It is known that a low intake of choline can cause a malformation of the nervous system of the fetus.

N ° 9 The fish
On its own, the fish is able to cover the nutritional needs of the pregnant woman . Rich in omega 3, vitamins D and B12, the fish will not be neglected during your pregnancy. However, be sure to cook it !

# 10 The sweet potato
During pregnancy, the woman is advised to increase her vitamin A intake . Be aware that sweet potato is very rich in beta-carotene. After consumption, beta-carotene turns naturally into vitamin A, thus contributing to the baby’s good growth.

It will obviously not be worth mentioning the water, which is to drink without moderation !

Supplements to improve insulin sensitivity

The cells that make up our bodies are very similar to nightclubs, some welcome anyone with open arms, while others are quite exclusive, to the point of having to “meet someone” to enter.

Our muscle cells are quite demanding about who they let in. The nutrients can not cross through the bloodstream and say, “Hey, I want to go inside that muscle cell and see what happens.” No, the muscles do not like this.

To enter a muscle cell you need insulin , since this is like the owner of a club, if you go with it you can enter without problems.

The problem is that if we use too much insulin, it will cost us more and more to let our muscle cells let us in, the problem is that the more insulin we need, the more fat we testex 100 will create, although the truth is that insulin is a hormone very anabolic, essential to gain muscle, since it also carries all the nutrients ( amino acids , glucose, creatine …) within it. In this article we will tell you a couple of supplements that will improve your sensitivity to insulin.
Taking supplemental chromium has repeatedly been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance, even to the point of reversal of type II diabetes in many people.

In fact, chromium has as much to do with insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance that some refer to chromium in the diet as the glucose tolerance factor (FTG).

The doses are between 200 and 600 mcg per day.

As with any mineral, drinking too much can lead to the same benefits, albeit with different problems, as a deficiency. So I do not think “more is better” when it comes to supplementation with chromium or any other mineral.

Vanadium is another very good supplement to improve insulin sensitivity, in fact you may notice that within a few days of taking it you will notice more pumped and vascularized while you train, as if you had made a previous load with carbohydrates.

If you have a vanadium deficiency, particularly of a severe nature, you are likely to notice the positive effects that come from supplementing with this mineral. On the other hand, if you do not have vanadium deficiency, or at least not in a significant way, then you are not likely to notice much, in any case.

As with many other supplements, such as vitamin C or vitamin D, for example, we know they are beneficial although we can not literally feel their work. I think this is the case of vanadium.

Personally, from my point of view it is more than enough to consume around 60-100 mcg / day in the form of chelated vanadium.

Improving insulin sensitivity is something that is worth the effort, in addition to improving our body composition will also improve our overall health.

Top 10 most successful women bodybuilders in the world

We know how you like this sport, for this we bring you the list of the 10 most successful women bodybuilders in the world, women example of discipline, organization, effort and fundamentally, love of sport.

Enjoy our article!

The most successful female bodybuilders in the world .
Irene Andersen .
Irene Andersen was born in Denmark in 1966. This woman has spent many years in the gym and has worked very hard to achieve a perfect body, Irene is undoubtedly one of the most successful female bodybuilders in the world. She initially participated in kickboxing and at 15 she started her physical work with the objective of qualifying in Ms. Olimpya.

women bodybuilders

Irene performs 5 weekly sessions involving all muscle groups, each session consists of 4 sets of 8 proflex muscle repetitions, each with 3 or 4 different exercises, periodically varies the movements made to add diversity to your routine.

He also makes two hours of walking or biking before his muscular work sessions, in order to complement his training and add cardiovascular exercise.

Fmale bodybuilder bodybuilding women
2. Yolanda Hughes .

Yolanda Hughes began to be part of professional female bodybuilders, winning the IFBB Amateur World titles in 1992 and the Arnold Classic Champion in 1997 and 1998, she also made 6 appearances in Olympia, without entering other programs for female bodybuilders. He is currently retired and manages his own business in Washintong.

yolanda hugues Yolanda hugues female bodybuilding
3. Chizevsky Kim .

Chizevsky Kim was the winner of Ms. Olympia from 1996 to 1999, this winner of four consecutive titles of Ms. Olympia, was born on April 23, 1968 in Mattoon, Illinois. Chizevsky Kim has had considerable incursions in the Fitness figure, this woman represents the effort and dedication that requires the practice of a sport such as bodybuilding.

Chizevsky Kim Chizevsky Kim

4. Rosemary Jennings .

Born on April 5, 1963, this woman does physical work to stay fit and prolong her longevity, from 3 days of training a week to a day off and from 2 days to 1 day off per muscle group. Rosmery is one of the greatest female bodybuilders in history.

Rosemary Jennings Rosemary Jennings
5. Lisa Aukland .

Lisa Aukland is a brilliant woman, was born in the United States, graduated with honors from her doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Maryland, a pharmacist specializing in Certificate in Toxicology Information. Lisa won the IFBB Bodybuilding 2008 at Antlantic City, and was ranked first in Atlantic City Pro in 2009, fourth place in Ms. Olympia in 2009, fourth place in Ms. International in 2010 and fourth Ms. Olympia’s place in 2010.

Lisa Aukland Lisa Aukland
6. Ana Claudia Pires .

Ana Claudia Pires is a bodybuilder born in Brazil. This woman has been 8 times champion of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian champion on 4 occasions, champion of South America twice and twice champion of the world.

Ana Claudia Pires Ana Claudia Pires
7. Nicole Bass .

Nicole Bass is one of the best female bodybuilders in the world of women. This exemplary woman has won the National Bodybuilding Championship NPC in 1997 and has competed in Ms. Olympia in 1997. Then she joined the Pro Wrestling in which she is currently working in independent fairs around the world.

Nicole Bass Nicole Bass
8. Juliette Bergmann .

Juliette Bergmann, was born on November 30, 1958 in the Netherlands, this woman began in physical training in the year 1981 with the aim of reducing their body weight and lose their fat mass. In 1983, she began to show interest in female bodybuilding when she saw how the participants looked when they first witnessed an event of this type.

From this moment he undertook an arduous path to strengthen his career, participating in multiple competitions, among his most representative participations include Dutch National Champion 84-85, European Champion 85, World Champion Amateur 85, Pro World Champion ’86, Pro World Champion mixed pairs 86, until obtaining the title of Ms Olympia in 2001.

Juliette Bergmann Juliette Bergmann
9. Christine Roth .

Christine Roth is from Ontario, Canada. This spectacular woman is known for entering the competitions with a very thin skin and very little body fat.Christine Roth Christine Roth
10. Lenda Murray .

Lenda Murray was born on February 22, 1962, and is so far the most successful female bodybuilder in the world, has been 8 times champion of Ms. Olympia.

Why do not my legs grow: Here are the answers

This is one of the most frequent questions people ask themselves after they go to the gym for a period of time and do not grow their legs no matter how hard they train them. The legs are an extremely strong muscle group , in fact, much more than the upper train, very resistant and has a type of fibers much stronger than any other part of the body since the legs are forced to take us anywhere.

Because of this, people always think that if you grow your legs or is not due to a genetic issue, when in itself, it is totally wrong. Since, genetics helps , but it’s not everything. The legs need a much bigger stimulus to grow . You can not believe that doing quadriceps extensions will have the legs of famous bodybuilder Tom Platz.

The reasons why your legs do not grow

Growing legs is not about having a fantastic genetics or having a magic wand that allows you to make them great, it’s about training them hard, but really training. There is no other way, train them.

Many people think that a leg workout is based on getting to the gym, doing a bit of exercise bike, quadriceps extensions, femoral curl, press, some congestion and it’s over, they go straight to the house to eat. Well, first of all, I want to tell you that you are very wrong. The builders of muscle mass for the legs are: The squat, the press and the stride .

However, we can mention that the same should not always be repeated since the body has an immense capacity for adaptation, but the builders have different ways of doing the exercises, for example there is the back squat (the normal), the squat front, long and short strides, the press changing the angle of the feet to work depending on where you need more muscle mass.

The Routine indicated to grow the legs
I do not grow legs
As mentioned above, we want to show you a leg routine that we guarantee to everyone that at 8/10/12 weeks or 2/3 months, the legs are different. Of course, this routine should be snap hero testo taken by people who are already somewhat into the gym, in no case should be done in beginners (1/2/3 month (s) going to the gym). The routine is as follows:

– 10 × 10 Rear Squat.
– 8 × 8 Press.
– 150 strides per leg.
– 6 × 12 quadriceps extensions.

Now, you wonder why if we say that quadriceps extensions do not grow legs we put them in our training, right? Well the answer is very simple, quadriceps extensions are a warm-up and / or pre-exhaustion exercise. That is, at the beginning or at the end. They are not an exercise to be the base or a muscle mass builder for the legs. The basis of the leg exercise is the squat.


We have to clarify, before finishing this post; that each exercise to work well in the 8/10/12 weeks that you choose to do your routine; you have to do the exercises well; in the squat you have to go down, it’s not worth it if you do not get to the parallel. In press the knees reach almost to the mouth or chest (depends on your height). And the strides the same. Complete tours.

The weight also varies in the routines, for example we can tell you that in the press 8 × 8 you have to place a weight that reaches 8 making as much force as possible to raise it in that last repetition. Since that is the stimulus that sends a message to the legs that says: “Either you grow or we die in the attempt”.

Finally, we want to tell you that the factors of sleep and food also influence your leg growth. You can not train like a beast and eat like a bird. It is important to rest the minimum 8 hours to have optimal performance, so train them without fear, eat and rest.

Differences between yoga and gymnastics

Differences between yoga and gymnastics
1.- The first difference is in the process or the way it is done

When doing exercises in the gym , jogging, swimming in the pool, running, etc., there is intense muscle, heart, lung and mental agitation. It increases the heart rate, the arterial flow, the respiratory rate, everything increases in intensity and then falls to normal little by little.

In the gym, even muscles can grow if food and rest are adequate. That is, you can shape the body, to look better, to feel better and look and be healthier.

2.- Another difference is in the mental control

6 Another difference

The focus of yoga exercises is to regulate the entire mechanism of the body. Very little physical  z vital male enhancement effort is used in focusing on different regions of the body, seeking better control of the mind over them.

In this way, even mental concentration has been improved and the thought process can be kept under control.

It has been found that yoga is an excellent treatment for many psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc. It even helps solve problems of addiction and it is believed that it can greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

It must be taken into account that according to physiology, there is a certain correlation between the respiration rate and the life time. But that is already a topic for another post.

3.- Another difference occurs in the regulation of metabolism

When we compare the yoga vs gym exercises, the benefits of one and the other and perhaps many opt for the average begin to appear. Unless you’re not an elite athlete of bodybuilding, the average between yoga and gymnastics seems to be a well-dosed lifestyle.

In yoga, conscious control of the breathing rhythm is made, which improves metabolism, intestinal transit and excretion. In other words, it helps to improve the internal cleansing of the human body.

In the yoga discipline it is believed that the mind controls the health of the body and science has shown that the nervous system controls the functions and movements of the body.

Differences between yoga vs. gym exercises:
1.- Difference

Yoga.- It could be boring and uninteresting for young people

Gym.- Interesting for children and young people, since it seems fantastic to build a beautiful body.

2.- Difference

7 Difference
Yoga.- It is less expensive since you only need a yoga mat and a guide.

Gym.- It is much more expensive, because you need a monthly payment, also hire a coach.

3.- Difference

Yoga.- It would be good to hire a coach, but you can also learn the different yoga postures online.

Gym.- Here the coach, nutritionist or doctor are indispensable, if you want to build a true muscular structure.

4.- Difference

Yoga.- It is suitable for people of all ages.

Gym.- Although they can practice at any age, the results will not be the same at an advanced age. Nor can those with heart disease practice it,

5.- Difference

Yoga.- If you stop practicing yoga for a while, the effects are minimal or none, to return to your practice.

Gym.- If you stop exercising for a while, you will undoubtedly lose muscle tone.

6.- Difference

Yoga.- It can be done on trips and anywhere.

Gym.- Although you can do it with your own weight, looking to achieve a muscular body needs gym accessories.

7.- Difference

8 Difference
Yoga.- Yoga exercises are the least tired.

Gym.- After leaving an exercise routine you will be really tired and you will need a period of recovery and rest .

After listing these differences between yoga vs. gym exercises, we can see that our body is under our control, to a greater extent with yoga. But if your purpose is to build a muscular building, then the best alternative is the gym.

When it comes to physical appearance and good health, certainly the gym is the best. But if your goal is physical, emotional and mental health, yoga is a good alternative.

If for your work you have to spend long hours sitting, leaning towards a sedentary life, certainly yoga and gymnastics are adequate to reverse the harmful effects.

If you are not an elite athlete in any sports discipline, both yoga and gymnastics will help you lead a more peaceful and healthy life.

Power Wheel: The Abs that are fashionable Do they work?

The fashions in the gym are often an unpleasant distraction for many people, but apparently it is an activity that they perform for a certain time because it becomes viral through social networks and other media that move masses. Today we will talk about the Power Wheel and its impact on the world of Fitness.

Do the Power Wheel really work? We do not have to analyze this exercise a lot to realize that it is really nothing new. It was already before! Bodybuilders of the past practiced it and generated good results, of course, apart from the one that gave them the anabolic steroids, but let’s go, that 20% of the construction of muscle mass does exercise and this was one of the best in their times.

So if the Power Wheel serves for the abdominal routine? Of course yes

The Power Wheel or better known in the Spanish language as an abdominal wheel is an exercise capable of activating the entire musculature of our “squares”. It is important that when working this area look for exercises that work the whole area as a whole and not just a part, some abdominal exercises that serve as an example are the iron.

However, it is good to also combine some exercises of isolation of the abdominal area, these can be sizevital male enhancement worked on alternating days during the week. A clear example are the exercises like the crunch or the traditional one of raising the feet while we are lying down, very good idea if we implement the wheel to the routine Do not you think?

Benefits of Power Wheel:
A study with electromyography reveals that with the Power Wheel we can activate the following muscles in the body:

Neither the Sit up, the crunch, or the raising of knees to the chest while hanging from a bar are compared to this exercise, do not you think? The activation of the muscles is very similar to that produced by an iron, in addition to pain, but this is much more difficult, since it activates the entire abdominal area in movement, favoring not only toning, but also muscle contraction and generalized hypertrophy .

Disadvantages of Power Wheel:
It is an exercise that takes up a lot of space, you will need free space without anyone who can obstruct your route.
You will need tools, although many improvise with a short bar and a small disk that can roll on the ground (we suggest one of plastic and with considerable thickness)
If you have the necessary tools and space, do not hesitate to do it! This fashion is usually recurrent at some times of the year or perhaps in decades, do not miss the news and implement it, you will see great results in both resistance and muscle growth of the abdominal area.

If you need help in your training plans or to put together a good diet, do not hesitate to contact me through the Direct of my IG , I will be happy to help you.

Locura Fitness will always be aware of the constant progress of its readers, each of the news is based on studies or personal experiences that can be recorded if necessary. However, we are open to criticism through the comments in each article