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You’ve memorized your intro phrase, you’re wearing your lucky shirt, and you’ve just spent twenty minutes motivating yourself by listening to the latest Kendrick Lamar. You are ready. But will she say yes so far? If it is, you may have shot yourself in the foot without knowing it …

From your haircut to your clothes, your shoes or your posture, know that she will notice everything (and judge everything) even as you will be feverishly inviting her to the restaurant.

1 – Your clothes
Nearly 60% of women agree that a very ugly wardrobe is eliminative. And although dress preferences vary widely among women, a study shows that women are less attracted to men wearing blue or pink shirts . The most sexy color according to them? Purple, at 36%, followed by white, with only 13%.

2 – Your haircut
In the same study, 17% of women said that a bad or ugly haircut was their first reason for refusing. Whether long or short, the important thing is that your hair is well coiffed . And clean, of course.

3 – Your posture
Standing up straight does not only make you taller , it also projects an image of you stronger. And women like men who have confidence in themselves, far more than men with sharp physique or very beautiful.

4 – Your pants
Women are 45% to find that a pair of jeans is the best way to dress your legs . Like what, there is no need Trialix to take out the big game of the suit pants, especially if you do not feel good in it.

5 – Your shoes
9% of the women polled for this study say that a nasty pair of shoes systematically leads them to a categorical refusal. Avoid running sandals or sneakers, especially if you are not running a marathon.

Do not judge yourself and relativize the desire to procrastinate. Do not give it as much importance as before. To help you, you can re-read your planning and intermediate objectives, highlighting what you have already accomplished and what is more to do (phew!). Difficulties, you will meet others. You will be wrong in your estimates, you will not hold all your commitments and, above all, you will relapse. The best way to bounce back is to prepare for it.

” In general, it happens when you’re going through a difficult time, you’re sick or you’re going on vacation ,” says our coach. To overcome this, you must rely on your plan. When the period is past, resume exactly where you stopped, without thinking and without judging yourself. All this is normal . You can also use the positive engagement strategy: involve another person in your project. Thus, it will be much more difficult to back down.

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